Homade Rc Plane





Introduction: Homade Rc Plane

Hello,I'm heron from indonesia I'm 13.Im going to show you how to make an easy rc plane from a broken rc car

Step 1: Collect Your Material

You will need:a rc car(new or old),a 3,3 v battery,2 motors,a large cardboard,a exacto knife,a glue gun,solder,and some tape

Step 2: Making the Body

Use some cardboard and cut a triangle(the size is up to you),I recommend 30 cm(height),30 cm(bottom),and then connect it.Make two of these then attach it using some hot glue and tape.

Step 3: Still Making the Body!

After you finish making the triangle,you need to cut another triangle which is about the same size as the edge of the larger triangle.then cut the covered area as this picture shown

Step 4: Wiring

Only take the board,antenna,and cut of those weak dc motors(it is not strong enough),then tape it at the body as shown.remove the vcc cables and attach it to the 3,3 v lipo battery(I recommend you buy a good lipo battery and not a Chinese made stuff like mine).If you have a rc car without a transmitter you can try to find what frequency it works with.I also lost my remote but I am able to find another one(27Mhz)

Step 5: Attaching Fuselage

You can make anything from a body of a b17,stealth bomber,anything that you like.i haven't make one but I will post my finished product soon

Step 6: You R Done

You have finsish the rc plane,attack anything you like fpv system etc,enjoy pls vote lol;)



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    Cant see the motors

    Copy paste project....

    From?and i agree this isn't a pure project its more like a bored situation where I'm trying my first

    I think that the Thrust = Lift thing is good but how are you going to steer?

    I am not clear on what the radio control actually does on this plane?

    There isn't any propeller?