I recently found this video game box that plugs into the AV plugs on a TV and brings 5 awesome old-school arcade games to your living room! I bought the little machine at a thrift store for $2 and after playing a few of the games for a couple hours and after a couple of beers I realized that this little machine needed to be "improved"
The action on the joystick was a little slow and the fire button was a little too clunky.

Time To Hack!  

Step 1: remove screws from side panel

the screws are hidden under the side decals. if you feel around  for a bit you should be able to figure out where they are
A careful review of this reveals a truly excellent instructable!
just done mine, also swapped firebutton spring for a stronger one, much more responsive. I broke so many quickshots in the 80s, and replaced plastic lugs with nails, etc.
<p>I am looking forward to trying this instructable! I wonder if you could show a picture of Step 4 after you put the appropriate screw in. I just want to be sure that I am picturing it right before I dismantle my game. My Pac-Man addiction is making me twitch with anticipation! lol</p>
I've just completed this mod, and the results are brilliant. Plays so much better now, and as you say, with diagonal steering! <br> <br>I got this off a friend of mine, he said it was clunky rubbish, haha the fool should have come on here more often.
That was really useful instructable. Thank you!
I have this same TV game thing, and it bothers me to no avail that you have to fumble between 2 directions to step your way diagonally. I'm so glad to find out a) how to safely open the unit and b) that it's as easy as carving detentes to get back diagonal movement.<br><br>Thank you very much for this instruct-able! Now I have to track down the other game units in my local thrift stores :D
Nice screwdriver... Did the Doctor give you that?
nope, borrowed it from a mate that was out of the country on holiday.
Is that a wooden SA Bulldog?
Actually, Bosconian was supposed to be an 8 direction game anyway
dude, I have the same arcade joypad and <strong><em>rule</em></strong> at Bosconian!<br />

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