Introduction: Home Automation: Turn Light on and Off Using Phone

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Good morning, everybody. Today i am going to show you how to turn on and off light from anywhere if your device is connected to the internet. Using a NodeMcu module and the Blynk app.

Step 1: Materials Required

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For this project, you will need a Nodemcu, a breadboard and an LED

Step 2: Connections

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First mount the NodeMcu on the bread board and place the led where its positive pin is connected to D7 and the negstive pin to ground.

Step 3: Setting Up Blynk

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For this project you will need to download an app on your phone called Blynk.

On blynk create a new project and using 200 energy points purchase a button. After that click on the button and change the settings to NodeMcu and output pin to D7

Step 4: Video of the Working Model

This is the video of how the project should work


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