Introduction: Home Automation V1 (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266)

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This is my first prototype Home Automation.

Step 1: ESP8266

Picture of ESP8266


There are two buttons - ON/OFF.

Step 2: Arduino UNO

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Arduino UNO

Four relays, one door sensor, reset button are connected to the Arduino UNO. All this is in the old PC case.

Step 3: Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi 2B

Two modules are connected to Raspberry Pi

There is BMP180 (temperature, pressure), it's ready for DS18B20.

Step 4: MCP23008 Modul

Picture of MCP23008 Modul

There is MCP23008 modul.

Thera are MCP23008 and level converter and eight input/output.

Step 5: Triggers

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(Arduino Mega JE ESP8266)


Step 6: ESP8266 Code


Swansong (author)2016-09-22

Thanks for sharing :)

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