Homebrewing Grain and Hops Strainer

Picture of Homebrewing Grain and Hops Strainer
When brewing beer, it is very important to have a easily repeatable routine. Anything that makes the process easier can really improve the quality of your beer by decreasing the number of mistakes you make.

This grain and hops strainer is perfect for me and my setup because it can be added and removed from my brew kettle very easily.


3 inch PVC collar - $3
2 pack 5 gallon nylon paint strainer bags - $4
Hose clamp big enough to fit collar - $1
3/4 inch dowel $2


Drill or drill press
7/8 spade bit
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Step 1: Not much to it

Picture of Not much to it
Using a 7/8 spade bit, drill two holes in the PVC collar about 1/2 inch from the top. Line the holes up on opposite sides as straight as possible.

And you're pretty much done. To assemble just slip the bag around the collar and tighten the hose clamp securely around the bag. The dowel rod will hold the bag over your brew kettle kind of like an over-sized tea bag.

Step 2: Plan your next brew day

Picture of Plan your next brew day
Cleaning the nylon bags is very easy. Not much really stick to them. Turning them inside out and giving them a good rinse is really all it takes.

Once the bag is actually over the kettle, about the only thing I would recommend is to give the hose clamp an extra turn with the screwdriver a few minutes in. You definitely don't want to loose your bag in a kettle of boiling wort.