Step 4: Remove metal cover

Using a flat screwdriver, pry up the metal shielding.  It should pop up fairly easily.  Set it aside for now.
Hey dude I recently opened my ipod and i lost the white strip with the conductor, any chance you may know where to get one? T__T
all it does is makes the sound that it is charging but no picture
My iPod won't charge or turn on now, what do i do to fix this?
Worked like a charm... Got my ipod up and running..
i would like to know where do i buy the white disc with gold ?
I'm having trouble unscrewing these two screws, any advice?
No problem removing the battery, but I did hook the ribbon cable and destroyed it, be careful.
im buying a "iknock" or ipod knock-off, based on the first gen, i'll keep this in mind just in case... thanks very much, i know this will save many itouch 1st gens from the jolly green dumpster.
Thank you so much!<br>
My iPod won't charge or turn on now. The same occurred the first time I disassembled my iPod. It wouldn't turn on until a few hours later when I plugged it into a charger. I can't tell if I'm having the same issue again, because this time around I was a bit rough with the device while taking it apart. I think I may have broken the smaller bottom board on my device when prying it from the black framework chassis. It's slightly bent near the middle. I'm not blaming this instructable for my mistake, just providing readers with a real example of why one should always be gentle, or at least apply pressure symmetrically.
i am having the same problem
I can not find the right words for this, but this instructable is incredible!!! I've been looking for this kind of solutin for months because my warranty expired. Thank you very much! Greetings from SERBIA!!!!
&nbsp;The battery bent a lot when I removed mine, but didn't seem to affect the device. Just a heads up for others attempting this fix.
Cool! Thanks!<br />
Congratulations upon not breaking it - very worthwhile.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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