Home Control System





Introduction: Home Control System

Home Control System is basically a system which allows us to control all the home appliances using your mobile.

Step 1: Modules

You will need a following modules for your home control system:-

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. GSM module.
  3. Relay module.

Apart from these modules you will need connectors and a little knowledge about android app development.

Step 2: Connections

Do the connections as shown in the figure.

  • The Rx of arduino is connected to the Tx of GSM and the Tx of arduino is connected with the Rx of GSM.
  • The relays are connected with the digital pins.

Step 3: Code

Here I have uploaded the code, you can download this & load into your arduino and see the output.

Here i have used pin no 5,6,7,8,9,10 for the output. You can change this or you can also increase/decrease it based on your requirement.

  • First part of the code initializes the GSM Module, Arduino & GSM get connected, & GSM will be ready to receive SMS.
  • Whenever the SMS is received it get transferred to Arduino & get stored in character c.
  • Second part of the code compares this c with Predefined characters (which I have defined as 1,2,3...).
  • As c gets matched predefined variable the corresponding action under that variable is executed.

Step 4: Android Application

I have developed this app using MIT app inventor. You can understand the working of the application by observing the block diagram.

I have used the same block diagram for the other instruments, I have just used the different variables for different instruments.

You can download the above application. You need to change the phone number by going into the settings. Save the number of your SIM which you have inserted in GSM module.

  • Note:-While changing the application or an arduino code, please take a note of the variables that you have used in application & arduino are same or not. (Take note of what you are messaging & what you are comparing)

Step 5: Applications

By using this system you can control any of your home appliances from any where in the world where you get a mobile network.

Apart from your home you can also use this system for yous offices, factories etc..



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What if i want to change the picture of the appliances at the app?

how about relay module ?

how are the appliances controlled? there is no connection to them from this circuit. neither u have explained it. is it using relay? if yes what's the connection?

The android app is designed to send SMS. That SMS is received by GSM & transferred to Arduino. Stored in variable C. C is compared with default variables. Corresponding relay is turned ON.

For example

For tuning light ON App is messaging 1. So c=1, stored in Arduino. So corresponding action under c=1 is taken. So pin 5 of Arduino becomes high. Relay 1 is turned ON.

Good way to use gsm for controlling your home. But the instructable should have been more detailed and thoroughly documented so the people who really want to make it can understand everything. Hope you add more details, images of the final project and circuit diagrams.