Picture of Home Decor Art: Quilting Hoop Wall Art with Scrap Fabric
This project is a cheap and easy way to make art for your home.
There are so many ways to do this project and the end result is nothing short of artsy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
What You Need:

-Quilting Hoops. You can find these at any local hobby or sewing shop. Get as many as you want! Try to pick out ones that are different in size. Please make sure when you buy your quilting hoop that there are two pieces! There should be an outer circle and an inner circle. Sometimes the inner circle falls out, so just make sure it's there before you buy it!
-Scraps of Fabric, Bed Sheets, any kind of fabric that is at least 1" larger than your circle will work.
-Glue Gun
-Tacks or nails and a hammer to hang them
BLR_RAVI1 year ago
Nice presentation , very creative indeed..
Wow. Amazing.
ChrysN3 years ago