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Introduction: Home Decor: Entrance Table Decor

Ever since I moved into my apartment, I had a vision of having an oval mirror over an entrance table. Due to lack of space and not being able to find the perfect entrance table, i had to settle with a wall shelf. I figured I could "compensate" with a really nice decor piece for my "table". So here is what I came up with :)

Step 1: Items Used

I found these really cute glitter balls, I believe their actual name are Mosaic Balls, at Ross for less than $10. I figured the best way to display them would be to get some sort of tray. I was lucky enough to find this wire tray at Walmart for less than $5. The flowers I got a Michael's, which were on sale for like $5 or less.

Step 2: Balls!

I simply placed the Mosaic balls in the tray. The tray is a little bit bigger, which causes the balls to move a bit, but it's all good!

Step 3: Trimming

I used some pliers to cut the stems of the flowers so that i could add them behind the mosaic balls. The only reason why I didn't trim the stems to be smaller, is so that I'll be able to reuse the same flowers in the future for a vase or other diy projects :)

Step 4: Finished!

I really liked how it turned out. Not to toot my own horn, but ..... TOOT TOOT! :) I felt quite proud of this piece because it was an idea that came from my very own noggin! I just combined pretty girly items and came out with this accent piece that I'm simply in love with. Hope you like it too!



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