I show you how I set up my hydroponics system, and the parts needed, the tools used and where I bought them. I am no expert in the Hydroponics field, but I am quite happy to share anything I have learned with you here.

We will look at the lighting, the cooling system, a few safety features, timers, and the basic grow chamber (where the growing takes place).

If you already know how you want to set up your system, you may still get some good ideas from looking at mine. If you are a beginner there should be enough detail in the words and pictures to answer most of your questions. If you're like many you can just gloss over the pictures and get all you need.

With that out of the way lets get ready to make your house look like Sanford and Son.

Step 1: Making the Light Rack

I wanted to provide lighting for four plastic tub sized hydroponic units that I will show later. Those tubs side by side are about 60 inches wide. So I went with a rack 60 inches long as well.

The rack simply has no other purpose than to hang lights from. You can use a stick if you want to. It will do the same d#mn thing for you. But, I wanted to be crafty and thought an industrial looking truss shape would be way cooler.

For the rack you will need:

Little S hooks
Two 1"x2" wood sticks (I bought 2 eight footers for $1.40 at Home depot)
Two four foot 3/8" wooden dowels Lowes
Wood glue (I used cya glue slow setting) you can use any glue
3/32"" cable (vinyl coated or not) maybe 5 feet (Home Depot sells per foot)
1/16" aluminum crush ferrules (two doubles and two singles) Home depot has them
Four clothes line pulleys Harbor Freight
Small chain need aprox 30' depending on your ceiling Lowes
Expansion anchors Lowes
Rope cleats Harbor Freight (I found tiny ones from Home Depot)
Smoke detector 5$ at Home depot

Tools Required

Battery type drill
3/8" drill bit
3/16" drill bit
Phillips bit for the drill
Saw (circular or jigsaw)
Tape measure
Vice grips
<p>Just completed this hydroponic system. One thing I done different was to use a 5/32 bit to drill into the donut shaped tubing for the 1/4&quot; connectors. One question I have is on the 27 gallon tub. How much water do I need to fill inside? For now I filled it with 12 gallons of water and nutrients. Should I add more? How much more? Another concern is the pumps are on for 24/7. I know this uses up some kw. For me not so much because I have solar panels for the house. Just curious how much power the pumps uses as I start adding more hyrodponic systems. Thanks again.</p>
<p>magnific, please contac me to jonath55@hotmail.com</p>
nice system! thanks for the great breakdown. good job.
This inspired me to make a smaller version of this for 1-2 plants for testing and later if it turns out good I'll do the same size as you
thanks,your materials is sogrt8. <br> I'm a University student in One of the State university; is it possible to formulate your own nutrient ?. <br>if the answer is know, please i will like to get the list already made nutrient i ca use and how to buy them from online stores cosit wil not be possible getting it in nigeria stores
Pretty awesome setup and great documentation. Thanks for posting! I built my first Hydro system 3 years ago using a lot of the same techniques in your article with some variances here and there.<br><br>In addition to your setup, I also built a hydro cloner that almost always produced a fine specimen. Although my successful clone rate was at 100%, this was the first time I had used or even built a hydro system and I was not prepared for the phenomenal rate at which plants grow in this environment (as is seen in Step 7) My clone roots were wildly more populated. After a single week in the hydro clone system, the roots from netpot to netpot were growing together and binding. I had some loss due to being forced to try and save them by cutting the roots. This put them into shock and the ones that didn't die, grew very poorly. Word to the wise; beware the growth rate of hydro systems, it ain't dirt and it grows crazy fast.<br><br>Thanks again Tombuss2000 for your time, great article!

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