Step 3: Step two

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After you have applied the ring to the bucket it is time to make straps that will allow it to be fastened to a hiking backpack. These can be made from any material. I re-purposed some used bike inner tubes. Cut the valve off both tubes. Next hook the key rings to the small holes the handle mounts in on the bucket. This gives you a spot to tie the ends of the inner tube to create a strap to tie to a back pack. Next cut two slits in each side of the inner tube to create a loop for a cross strap to thread through the other inner tube. Connect the ends after you have threaded it through the other inner tube.
Strider30193 years ago
EPDM straps (also at Home Depot) might work better than rubber innertubes. They are less prone to oxidative and UV degradation.

Also, a thought: could odor eliminator (like Febreeze) be used to minimize the effect of odorous residues after sealing the container?