Home Made Bezel / Window for LCD, LED, TFT Displays.

Picture of Home Made Bezel / Window for LCD, LED, TFT Displays.
1.8in TFT Bezel 1.JPG
1.8in TFT Bezel 2.JPG
I've been working on a project that used a 16x2 LCD display and wanted a nice finish that also allowed me to seal against water and other liquids. I also needed impact resistance, low cost and the ability to be changed easily if worn or broken.

I considered many different ideas:-

1) A full sheet of perspex on the front of my enclosure. Great finish but expensive and difficult to seal as fully transparent.

2) A small piece of perspex over a cut hole in the enclosure. Cheaper but not so nice finish, showing the full LCD through and any rough enclosure cutting.

3) Looking for access to a laser cutter to make a profiled perspex window that sits through the enclosure hole to sit flush with surface. Difficult tolerances and no depth control with a laser.

4) Asking a local workshop to make a profiled perspex window on CNC milling machines. Cost more than using a full perspex sheet.

So, eventually I tried something else and ended up with what I think is a nice professional finish that is easy to do, cheap, and results in an iPhone type black glass frame style, with a clear window exactly the right size to show the display properly. It can also be easily adapted to any other type or size of display.
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JodyF13 months ago

Nice design. How did you get round the paint being peeling off when you remove the tape? I'd have thought you'd need to score exactly on the edge of the tape before you remove it!

lcooter11 year ago

Good work! Can you post a picture of what it looks like when off? Thanks!

Raphango1 year ago
Great idea man! Definetely gotta do one myself!
Nice idea, I'm going to give it a try.
UKTech2 years ago
Very good, Well done. This has inspired me to have a go at a couple of displays that I haven't got to finish yet.