We have an old bookshelf, but this havn't good condition.

I make a new one, this strong.

In this picture is the plan.

A make this from bramac wooden slats (50x30mm)

A cut this size:

300mm x 10

700mm x 10

1950mm x 4

I use just glue and dowels (8mm) with dowel marker.

This is my second procejt.

Step 1:

For the short woods I make groove for the plywood with table saw

Next day I use my Dremel MM40 for sanding. First I use 80 paper, than 120.

Step 2:

Next step is the plywood cutting and I make for this more

I'm going to paint these days the shelf.

The shelf is very strong, I try with my machines and its very good :)

Step 3: In Place and in Use

I read it with russian accent.
<p>agreed :D</p>

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