Introduction: Home-Made LED Bucket Flashlight

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This was the first big project I ever did

The project enclosure was made out of a yogurt container

All of the LED's, switches, and wires in this project were salvaged from salvaged from other electronic devices

There will be a video at the last step showing the some features, Not all of the features are shown in the video, Though I still recommend watching it to understand more.

There are two videos in this Instructable: I don't know why, But to view them your computer will open them in another tab in your browser, Close it, And then download it to your computer to be able to view. I scanned both videos with "Avast" to make sure they didn't have a virus.

Step 1: Flashlight 1: 9 LED Torch

Picture of Flashlight 1: 9 LED Torch

This is the strongest flashlight in this project

Step 2: Flashlight 2: 5 LED (Red)

This is a video:

This flashlight can be combined with the 9 LED Torch to be able to see what is in front of you, And to be seen from the back.

Sorry I wasn't able to rotate it right... I tried a couple times but it got the uploading process got stuck

Step 3: Flashlight 3: 1 LED Low Light

Picture of Flashlight 3: 1 LED Low Light

This flashlight can be combined with the 9 LED Torch to be able to see what is on the ground and ahead in the dark.

The second and third picture show them together

Step 4: Flashlight 4: 1 High Brightness Table LED

Picture of Flashlight 4: 1 High Brightness Table LED

This flashlight is used to to light up a table or a floor (Mostly used in camping). This light can also be used as a reading light.

Step 5: Flashlight 5: 1 LED Night Light

Picture of Flashlight 5: 1 LED Night Light

This weakest (on purpose) flashlight is good for having a small light in dark areas.

Step 6: Flashlight 6: 3 LED Torch

Picture of Flashlight 6: 3 LED Torch

This is strong enough for most uses, It uses less power compared to "Flashlight 1", But is still very bright.

Step 7: Clock/ Alarm

Picture of Clock/ Alarm

This was a watch I bough at a dollar store and its strap broke, I added a speaker to strengthen the volume of the alarm clock. This also lights up as seen in the second picture.

Step 8: Magnet

Picture of Magnet

I added a neodymium magnet (salvaged from a hard drive) to the handle to add the option to hang it on metal places

Step 9: Batteries

Picture of Batteries

This cannot be used with more than 3.6 VOLTS to not burn the led's, I power it with 3 AA batteries.

Step 10: A Look Inside

Picture of A Look Inside

Nowadays I would solder everything on a perf-board (blank prototype PCB)...

Step 11: Glow

Picture of Glow

The little plastic pieces you see on the switches are from a "Glow in the Dark Stars Kit."

I cut them to small pieces, And hot glued them to the switches so I would be able to locate the switches and turn them on in dark places.

Step 12: Video

Thank you for watching!

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bosstone75 (author)2015-09-01

This has been one of my favorite instructables by far. I like that the end result looks like something I could make and I like all of the different thoughts you had for each of the different things the bucket can do. Well done!

Yonatan24 (author)bosstone752015-09-02

Thanks :) Don't forget to share it if you make one!

Saiyam (author)2015-08-14

Really like your idea of different modes. Very neatly made.

Yonatan24 (author)Saiyam2015-08-15


dbyrd26 (author)2015-08-13

I like it. You kept the inside much cleaner than I probably would have haha :)

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