Home Made Buzz Lightyear Costume




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Introduction: Home Made Buzz Lightyear Costume

This year I decided to make a costume that would really challenge me and no one else would be able to believe. I decided to go with a beloved Pixar Toy Story Character, Buzz Light year. I built the costume from scratch all from materials bought from home improvement stores. For the main breast plate, I used insulation foam sandwiched together and sculpted. I then covered the foam with liquid plastic to make it rigid. The legs and arms are made of traffic cones painted white and green and purple craft foam glued on. The cod piece is a flimsy gardening tote, cut to fit like a diaper and covered with white duct tape. The rings in the center are pipe insulation. It took 2 months to build and 10 minuets to be sick of wearing it, but was a sensation around the neighborhood with all the kids. I now know what a character at Disneyland feels like. Thanks for holding the contest.



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    Challenge accepted. This may be my son's costume next year...

    ...if I have the courage.

    -Dork Dad

    Awesome costume! It looks professional, great job!