Home Made CNC Router




Introduction: Home Made CNC Router

Hey geeks, I was doing test cuts on my home made cnc and the results turned out satisfactory. So today I am sharing my build here.

Technical details:

● X-Y table Style.

● Bed size is 280x245mm and 100mm in height.

● I am using 3 nema 17 unipolar stepper motors. (Salvaged from photo copier machine)

● Threaded rod and normal nuts (Added two nuts to handle back lash).

● Drawer Slides for movement.

● Arduino with CNC shield v3.

● Banggood Spindle 3000 to 27000 rpm.

● 4mm 4 flute tool.

Step 1: Build Details

I used scrape board left from furniture work.

Bed is sandwich of two 7mm MDF sheet. I added T-nuts between two sheets for object holders.

Step 2: The Result

Cut result came out pretty awesome.

Step 3: Software

I am using fusion of multiple CAD/CAM software. I am using Inkscape for 2 designs, jsCut and Easel for milling path generation. And Universal GCode Sender to send the GCode to machine.



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