If you have scratched cds, this is a good method to fix them with simple household items.

Step 1: Supplies and Preperation

you will need these supplies:
1. Scratched Cd (very easy to find)
2. Handheld Egg Beater w/ removable beaters
3. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
4. Brasso Metal Polish (can find at hardware store)
5. water
6. towel

sorry to be picky <sub>but</sub> those aren't hand beaters (wheres the crank handle) they are called electric hand held beaters.<br/>Sorry to be mean. <br/>
<p>You can hold these beaters with your feet</p>
no offense taken. i tried thinking what they were called. i forgot to put it it.
I have the egg beater and an buffer pad to clean head lights and don't have access to the polish what else can I use
Why does it have to be a &quot;magic eraser&quot; and not an ordinary one?
Magic Erasers (TM) are more like sponges than erasers. They are very fine abrasives that disintegrate as you use them.
Not sure&nbsp;I understand how to attach the Magic Eraser to the beater.
yh same too, i really don't understand the next step. please explain how to attach the magic eraser pls. thx <br>
cool and i ahve all the needed...i will start my own....instead of using this mixer i use a nescafe mixer dedicated for this job
çalışırsa süpersin bebek
does this work on games
yeah. and dvds
i see you're a fan of homestar runner
I'd have thought that cotton balls would cause more scratching. Would it be better to use a mirofibre cloth?
how much does brasso cost?
5 bucks. check the home depot or a local hardware store

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