Picture of Home Made Cd Buffer
If you have scratched cds, this is a good method to fix them with simple household items.

Step 1: Supplies and preperation

Picture of supplies and preperation
you will need these supplies:
1. Scratched Cd (very easy to find)
2. Handheld Egg Beater w/ removable beaters
3. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
4. Brasso Metal Polish (can find at hardware store)
5. water
6. towel

I have the egg beater and an buffer pad to clean head lights and don't have access to the polish what else can I use
Why does it have to be a "magic eraser" and not an ordinary one?
Magic Erasers (TM) are more like sponges than erasers. They are very fine abrasives that disintegrate as you use them.
endrun06155 years ago
Not sure I understand how to attach the Magic Eraser to the beater.
yh same too, i really don't understand the next step. please explain how to attach the magic eraser pls. thx
agis685 years ago
cool and i ahve all the needed...i will start my own....instead of using this mixer i use a nescafe mixer dedicated for this job
handy mixer.jpg
Pharmacy6 years ago
çalışırsa süpersin bebek
acdc2316 years ago
does this work on games
allureoftheearth (author)  acdc2316 years ago
yeah. and dvds
i see you're a fan of homestar runner
vIQleS6 years ago
I'd have thought that cotton balls would cause more scratching. Would it be better to use a mirofibre cloth?
wierd idiot7 years ago
sorry to be picky but those aren't hand beaters (wheres the crank handle) they are called electric hand held beaters.
Sorry to be mean.
allureoftheearth (author)  wierd idiot6 years ago
no offense taken. i tried thinking what they were called. i forgot to put it it.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
how much does brasso cost?
allureoftheearth (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
5 bucks. check the home depot or a local hardware store