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If you love a great chai latte' but don't want to run to Starbucks and spend $3 every time you want a cup, you need this recipe. It is so easy to make it at home. You probably have nearly everything you need in your cupboards right now.

In the final step, I give tips for saving more money on this recipe. So don't miss the last step!

WARNING! Many people (myself included) have developed addictions to this recipe! Proceed at your own risk!
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Step 1: Gather your ingredients.

Picture of Gather your ingredients.
Bring To Boil.jpg
Boil Again.jpg
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Add Splenda.jpg
Add Milk.jpg
Strain and Serve.jpg
Here's what you'll need:

2 C. Water
2 Regular Tea Bags
1/8-1/4 teaspoon EACH of ginger and cardamon
1 whole clove
1 cinnamon stick
6 Splenda packets or 1/4 cup Sugar
2 1/2 C. Milk

Step 2: Mix tea and spices.

Picture of Mix tea and spices.
In your sauce pan, add water, spices, and tea bags. Bring it to a boil, and boil for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Boil it up.

Picture of Boil it up.
After boiling, it will look like this. Don't worry if a tea bag breaks open. You can strain the tea later.

Step 4: Add the sweetener.

Picture of Add the sweetener.
Now add the Splenda. If you'd rather you can use 1/4 C. Sugar. I have tried using less sweetener, gradually using less and less, and you get used to the less-sweet taste. I've heard of people using honey, but it would change the taste.

Step 5: Add the milk.

Picture of Add the milk.
Now add the milk, and return it to a boil. This won't take long, and if you aren't careful, it will boil over. Quite a mess!

Here's a neat little trick: if you take a stick of butter and run it quickly around the rim of the pan when it's hot, the chai won't boil over.

Step 6: Strain and Enjoy

Picture of Strain and Enjoy
Now you get to enjoy it! I use a little cup strainer as shown in the picture. This is especially great if a tea bag breaks open. But also after boiling milk, you can get a "scum" on top. While the tea, spices and scum are harmless, they can be unpleasant to consume. So the strainer is nice to have.
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lblondeau3 years ago
Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda are horrible for you health, especially at 6 packages. This recipe sounds great if one omits that and uses honey : )
For diabetics the use of Splenda or other artificial sweeteners are the only way they can sweeten their beverages. You might want to consider that before you make statements such as they are "horrible for your health." The alternative, using sugar, is not in the best interest of a diabetic person's health.
Diabetics can also use stevia. Stevia is a sweetener that is natural and has no calories. It is made from the stevia plant.
Tried it,gives me same side effects as sugar,just a lil less strong side effects then sugar,but if u r diabetic&it works for u,then thats great.
It does still make my sugar level go high,but if it maintains yours,thats awesome,like i said every body is different.
ygm dmichalski3 years ago
As "hurtful" as you think lblondeau's comment is, it is indeed truthful. You are the one who might want to do a little research as this sweetener is in fact, "horrible for your health".
You should do some research prior to correcting someone who has had to reflect so much on their diet in general. The research on splenda or sucralose is actually pretty inconclusive, if you go way over the expected daily amount there are negative effects. However, if you go way over the daily amount of anything, there are going to be some lasting health effects. So what you said isn't truthful and telling someone that they haven't done a little research is much ruder than what ther first person said. The person providing the recipe said to use either sugar or splenda, it was good that that person was being inclusive of diabetics.

The data on high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, the importance of exercise and saturated fats are all much more conclusive then this data, so unless you exercise the proper amount, are way within your bmi, and eat an incredibly healthy lifestyle. Don't be rude.
I have to watch what i eat.
While fruit is good and supper healthy for most too much is bad for me cause fruit has way more then8grams of natural sugar&8gramms of sugar is all im allowed in a serving of anything,a whole orange would be harmfull to me,but i eat a lot of vegatables,snack on nuts and eat brown rice when i eat rice,very very seldom eat pasta,eat the baer naked cereals,drink lots of water&diet juices&eat lots of salads&i eat 1 serving or less of all.
For desert sweet tooth graving i eat some low sugar weight watchers choclate or Low sugar cookies or gogurt. I put gogurt in the freezer&that becomes my ice cream. I watch my family eat cakes,pies, ice cream,fruit,anything that looks good to them for dessert.
So i know my body&stay healthy that way.
Some of the stuff thats advertised as healthy when my daughter&i see it we go "yikes,thats healthy?" Which is most items in A health food store.
I cant go to starbucks any more,but im glad a diabetic friendly version is included&cant wait to try this.
Everyones body is different&thats ok,thats actually kind of great&amazing imo.
What was the result of your last A1C test?
When was your last A1C test?
There are some healthier sweetner options now. There's Xylitol and Stevia, also Evaporated Palm (Coconut) sugar with a Low 35% glycemic index. They all come from natural sources rather than Splenda which is synthetic.
I know my body&for non diabetic ppl those options sound healthier,but i know splenda has never put me in a diabetic coma or made my neurothopy worse.
I tried truvia and stevia and almost had the same side effects as sugar,just not quite as bad,splenda has never given me any side effects,if i have any of the other sugars incl truvia&stevia there is a chance i wont be able to walk for a while&that my feet will hurt reall bad,the only way i can take those if splenda is not available is if i also take pain pills&they do make my sugar level go high,so for me im sticking with whats not broken. Why fix whats not broken. But i will look in to those for the non diabetic members of my fam.
I have diabetes&any other sweetner can put me in a diabetic comma,almost got there when neighboer made us fresh pumpkin bread with pumpkins from his garden&the "healthy sugar".i forgot noone in his family had diabetes so unlike us he didnt use splenda,the rest of my day was horrible&not healthy at all,i had a lot of issues,health.Issues the rest of the day,but when we make cake with splenda im fine.
f4267541 month ago
I just used The bigelow brand vanilla chai Which is really cheap.I have Tazo chai tea bags but the bigelow has more spice type of taste so I only mixed tea with milk and it is honestly better then tazo chai concentrate in my opinion
VikR1 made it!1 month ago

You add the tea when the water boils not with the cold water, then add the milk and let it come to a boil again. this how you make chai in India


How would you strain loose tea/paper out?

treep1 (author)  frances.khavari1 month ago
I have a small cup strained. Sometimes if a tea bag breaks open I use it to scoop what I can from the pan, then pour through the strainer when I fill my cup. You could use that technique with loose tea as well.

thanks for the basics. I simmer the spices and use thin sliced fresh ginger and a bit more cloves. Take off boil, add tea and steep for 5 minutes. Add half the sugar (no artificial and raw at that) as 1/2 cup is too much by far. I personally only use a teaspoon of sugar, but other half likes sweeter.

At this stage it's ok to freeze what you won't use now for later.

Then steam milk to frothy, add to tea, top with a little ground cinnamon, or if you're really a sweet tooth, cinnamon sugar, enjoy!

treep1 (author)  mark.loring.121 month ago
Mark, you had me scared there. I thought I mis-wrote the recipe. It only calls for 1/4 c sugar. 1/2 cup would really be sweet!!
Matthew J.D1 month ago
Umm.. I don't understand why people are wasting so much time making chai like this. You save yourself the cost of a Starbucks chai but then have to buy the groceries and spend 30 min making it this way. You can LITERALLY buy the same chai that Starbucks uses at any grocery store, Walmart, or Target. It's TAZO's chai concentrate. You pour half a cup of it into a mug, the rest milk, and heat for a minute or so. It's exactly how Starbucks does it except they use the steamed milk.
treep1 (author)  Matthew J.D1 month ago
Matthew, some people have time, others have money. I have more time than money. This recipe is very inexpensive to make. I've had the Tazo chai and it's good, but personally I like this one better. It really is a personal thing. Make/drink what you like/can afford. ?
ccelino4 months ago

i did not have any cardamom, so I used extra ginger, and 1/4 tsp. of allspice. I also used evaporated milk mixed 50/50 with water, and it came out great! I will definitely use this recipe many times in the future, Thank you!!

OrangeKatze5 months ago

Just finished making it. It tastes great, but I used a little less sugar, about 1/8 cup, and I used 8 cloves because that's about the amount I saw in some other recipes.

Vedicmix10 months ago

I suggest you to try Vedic Mix chai latte, GMO FREE

Everything is same but you just add hot water. Cost per cup will be 59 cents. Milk and sugaring each pack.

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I LOVED this recipe - exactly the taste I was after. However, on the 'make ahead' recipe where it states it is stored in the refrigerator and then to add milk, are you supposed to omit all the milk when it's cooked and ONLY add some milk to your cup when you reheat? I made it as directed and warmed up without adding additional milk but it got kind of a funny taste. THanks!
LILLIAN-R1 year ago
I made this except I used black tea. I omitted the ginger and used ground cloves instead of whole. I put everything into a tea filter, so no straining was needed. This was VERY good! Perfect Chai flavor...not too strong and not too weak! I won't be buying expensive cups of Chai tea ever again! Thanks Treep! =D
kcrooks21 year ago
I seriously love that I found this!! I'm not feeling well and wanted some yummy tea, just made it and creaking loved it and ahh you're amazing!!
LorkyJo1 year ago
Love this recipe! I've made this a bunch (modified slightly by using raw cane sugar and half the amount and used soy milk instead). Delicious! :)
Dealande2 years ago
I am an absolute Chai addict! Can’t live without it! I can’t afford Starbucks every day so I started buying the Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. It’s already made and sweetened you just add milk and warm it up. It’s the exact product that Starbucks uses. But the price of it has been going up. Now days I can’t find it for less than 3.85 for a 32oz container, so even though I can get several cups out of it it’s still expensive. My point is I’m really looking forward to trying this recipe! I’m sooo excited I found this! Thank You!
MattLindley6 years ago
For those who would like the richer flavor, without the extra fat, I would suggest fat free half-n-half. Most grocery stores carry at least one brand, and the flavor (particularly in coffee and in a recipe like this) is not distinguishable from regular half-n-half.
The only thing with fat free half and half is that a lot of brands have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. I don’t know why but they do. So if you’re going to go this way be sure to read the ingredients before you buy.
treep1 (author)  MattLindley6 years ago
I was low on milk yesterday, but had some cream and real half and half in the fridge, which I substituted for part of the milk. Man, was it rich. A little too rich for my liking - I'm a skim milk drinker. Your suggestion is a great one for keeping the richness and losing the fat - everybody's looking for a way to trim the fat. That's why I like this recipe so much - using skim milk it's really not bad for you. So thanks for the note. Something else that makes a great add-in without adding much in calories or fat is low fat Coolwhip. Adds a nice sweetness but not a lot of "weight."
Dealande2 years ago
I am an absolute Chai addict! Can’t live without it! I can’t afford Starbucks every day so I started buying the Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. It’s already made and sweetened you just add milk and warm it up. It’s the exact product that Starbucks uses. But the price of it has been going up. Now days I can’t find it for less than 3.85 for a 32oz container, so even though I can get several cups out of it it’s still expensive. My point is I’m really looking forward to trying this recipe! I’m sooo excited I found this! Thank You!
capheind4 years ago
Actually what you've made is essentially Masala Chai, unless I missed something there is no steamed milk in this and hence no Latte. So basically you've made the original article, Kuddos are well deserved (I'd take classic Masala Chai over a Latte any day). What folks in the US, Canada, and much of Europe call "Chai" is basically the distilled and localized tea traditions of India and the surrounding areas, as such there is no right or wrong with chai, but I would recommend picking up a decent loose leaf over the teabags, not necessarily much more expensive, the flavor will be better, and your straining it anyways...
amille capheind2 years ago
That's where you're wrong. It is Latte and one can buy it almost anywhere they sell coffees. Duh!
capheind amille2 years ago
Actually no. A Latte involves steamed milk, which (unless I misread) the author did not use. What has been made is in fact Indian Masala chai, sans the elaborate pulling in which a chai-walla would engage (as demonstrated here If you take a look at the equipment at your favorite coffee house you'll notice a frothing wand off the side of the Espresso machine, this frothing wand steams the milk and gives it its foamy "Latte" quality.
J@50n5 years ago
 this is probably a dumb question, but what is "regular tea" i have flavored will it be the same?
amille J@50n2 years ago
Regular tea isn't necessarily black tea, Lipton tea, generic brands that just say plain old tea for Iced tea is what is referred to as "Regular tea."
amille amille2 years ago
The best way to put it is Unflavored tea not necessarily "black tea." Just your basic tea bags and they don't have to be expensive brands.
treep1 (author)  J@50n5 years ago
By "regular" tea, I mean black tea (the label will say orange pekoe and cut black pekoe, or something similar). 

Flavored tea will change the taste of the Chai, though it may not be in a bad way.  I would avoid anything fruity, for sure.  Think of the other spices (ginger, cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon) and avoid anything that would clash.  I've made it with green tea (like it best when I also use both a black tea bag and a green tea bag.)  I've also used oolong tea, which is supposed to be a diet help.  That was pretty good.  

"Regular" black tea is the cheapest of all, so you may want to purchase some for this recipe.  If you try your flavored teas, I'd like to know how it turns out.  Good luck!

J@50n treep15 years ago
 O.k, thanks! i as wondering if i could put your link in one of my featured instructables (Fakeuccino).  I will just put the link so you get the views!

Tell me if its o.k with you!

Thanks also for the help about the tea!

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