Introduction: Home Made DIY Jigsaw Table With Blade Guide for Under £30

I bought a Wolfcraft Table from Amazon and because a blade guide wasn't available I built an arm with bearings to attach to the Wolfcraft Table.  The parts used to make the arm were salvaged from an old steel bed-frame and the bearings were taken from roller boot wheels.  The current version doesn't have a safety power off switch but otherwise it works well and cost £0 (not inc Wolfcraft table at around £25.)


mones_agent made it! (author)2016-06-19

Thank you for the idea and inspiration. I converted an useless accessory into a really useful tool.


316ideas (author)mones_agent2016-06-20

Hey Mones Agent! That's really made my day, thankyou so much for posting :D

Those 90 degree plates look sturdy and I take it that the bearing head is height adjustable (looking at the bolt on the back of the bearings)

It's especially pleasing to see the actual photos and to know that somebody else (wherever in the world you may be) has built their own :D

Happy shaping comrade, and thankyou again!

Kind regards, Brett from the UK.

mones_agent (author)316ideas2016-06-22

Hello there Brett.

You are right about the bearing head. Initially I made it fixed, but then i realized that with a little more work I could make it adjustable depending on the sheet thickness.

Thanks again for the idea and best regards from Spain.

padbravo (author)2014-04-15


jmwells (author)2014-02-21

Well done! The cat door is a nice touch. I especially like the folding work tables.

rimar2000 (author)2013-10-02

Good work!

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