Home Made Electric Diddley Bo Guitar for 7 dollars and the guitar base is a bed post its the perfect shape and already looks like a guitar didn't even have to cut it :) fun little project just have to learn to play it lol

I made a one string version of one of these. Most of the videos that Isaw on YouTube of them people play them on their laps and hit the string with a drumstick or something similar .I was just curious if that's how you play yours.
with this one i made you can either strum it or use a slide
There's a guy in St. Augustine, FL that sells these for fifty or sixty bucks at flea markets and street sales! Nice profit margin, eh?
Nice, but can you leave your chewing gum on it overnight?
Oh, we definitely need a more detailed, step-by-step of how you did this!
I dont have any pics of building it but i can add notations to pics of what things are.
Yes, more documentation please!<br />Also, what makes it electric? I didn't see any pickups, are they hidden inside the bedpost?
its under the block of wood right under the strings

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