Home Made Flat Tire Remedy for Bicycle With Tubes





Introduction: Home Made Flat Tire Remedy for Bicycle With Tubes

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Since not all cyclist use tubeless tire, I decided to make a remedy for tube tire sealant. The simplest Flat tire remedy, all you need is a Water based Glue like Elmer's glue any glue as long as it is water base, a fine Glitter or rubber dust, a hair dye bottle with a pointed nozzle, a bike tire with tube.


Mix the Glue and water in a bottle
1 cup glue 5 cup water ratio.
 mix them with the glitter or Rubber dust then shake it.

transfer it in hair dye bottle and put it in the tire tube.



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    Any follow-up or experiences to be reported on this one? Did the glue dry up or not?

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    my tire was been wear off and the tube is still fine, it last for a year without flat, but when i open my tube i saw 6 holes, the glitters helped a lot to seal the punctures.

    Very interesting. Do you know what is the main component of Elmer's glue?

    Years ago I used ground paprika to fix a leaky car radiator. It worked fine until I could get mechanical help.

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    nope i don't know the components of Elmer's glue, but i just imagine the bottle of Elmer's glue is the same as the tire tube if the glue is sealed inside it will not dry but if it's outside the bottle it will dry up, the same as if the glue is inside the tire tube it will not dry up, but if there a puncture on the tube the glue will set out to the hole and the glitter or rubber dust will stuck to the hole also and the glue outside will be dry up.

    I would not trust so that the adhesive does not dry within the tire. The amount of air inside it is more than sufficient to cause drying. Maybe it will stay wet an additional time, but I think it will dry in some days.

    I'll observe it if it will dry, but so far it's been two months in my bike tire there's no sign of drying maybe in the season of summer I'm sure it will dry, i will try some other adhesive for another alternative.