Picture of Home Made Freezer Box Fridge/Air con .
Check your countrys refrigerant handling rules before you attempt this.

If you live in Australia only attempt this if you are an Air con mechanic or Car mechanic with a refrigerant handling license .

If not you can make a system out of a water pump instead.

This Is a guide on how to make a Freezer box powered by a fridge compressor .

This system uses The very basic must have components of a fridge .

Compressor : To pump the refrigerant around the system

Heat Exchangers : These copper coils are used to rejected heat at the condenser and absorb heat and the evaporator

Metering device : This Is a must have component , to meter the liquid refrigerant into the evap coil and to created a pressure drop .

Refrigerant Gas : This 134a Gas which is used in most cars fridges/freezers , Its used to create a reversible phase change from a liquid to a gas . In the evaporator the gas changes from a liquid to a gas , In the condenser the opposite is done. When it changes state like this it either gives of or absorbs heat .


The basic idea of this system is to keep ice water cool at temps bellow freezing .

The coils are submerged into water . The Cooler box has been split into two parts .

The condenser on the right gives of heat and makes the water warm . 
The water is changed when it the temp gets to high . Or can be set up to slowly drip new water in while dripping and the same rate the warm water.
Ive used water as the medium instead of air . so there is no hot air coming out of the system.

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iqu8 months ago

Why put the condenser inside? you will heat up the inside. your COP will be very low bcuz of that.

shomas9 months ago

A hot water heat pump. In theory, you could preheat water in a tank before entering your hot water tank. Energy used to cool your home in the summer can concurrently heat your hot water.

Maybe running water though a heat exchanger would be a better idea. as you wouldn't want the possibility of your refrigerant being released into your potable water.

magickaldan3 years ago
What was your superheat and subcool? What kind of pressure manifold do you have? What pressures are you running? What vacuum did you pull it down too? This Instructable is missing alot of key information to get a refrigeration system up and running "SAFELY".
Redstormx1 (author)  magickaldan3 years ago

This project is aimed at People who have a refrigeration handling license.
If they dont know how long to leave vacuum pump on they shouldn't be playing around with gas.
They should use there common sense and practice what they have learned.

Superheat and subcool varies on what heat load there is what your cooling etc.
The metering device and the size of coils would be different.
Superheat is something you play around with until you get the best performance.
I adjust the metering device if i have no water in there.

Why would it matter what manifold i used. There is a picture . I didnt even use a manifold but used the hand valve to close the system . There are Schrader valve both sides of the yellow hose.

This project is to show people what can be made and to show trained people some ideas if there thinking of making a similar project .
I dont want to tell every exact details and have everyone going out and using refrigerant .
rimar20003 years ago
Very useful info, thanks for sharing.