Home Made Gas Turbine/ Jet Engine Extra Large Version!!


Introduction: Home Made Gas Turbine/ Jet Engine Extra Large Version!!

About: My name is Brendon and I live on a hobby farm in sunny Australia. My main interests are Gas Turbines (Jet Engines), High Voltage electricity and Computers.

Here are some photos of my jet engine and jet kart as it progresses through the build.
This has a lot more power compared to my previous intructrable on the test jet, it should have around 30-35 kg (60-70lbs) of thrust .
That is an AI Research turbo charger.
Feel welcome to ask questions I will answer ASAP.
Expect updates over the next month or two.
Update here is the finished product: https://www.instructables.com/id/Jet-Powered-Go-Kart/

 If your a fan of Jets or a fellow Gas Turbine builder, Like this: https://www.facebook.com/gasturbinebuildersandenthusiasts

Video update (May 2013) (hoping to do a road test this winter): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q255I_g8mtg



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    Can it be used in a jetpack or something becuase i am trying to make one and the hydrogen oxygen powered engine is way to dangerous!!!

    Amazing project!! BTW what are the noise levels of this mean machine? In dBA or dBC

    hello, i am doing a same job,making a simple jet engine for my university project.As you know it is really an expensive job for a student.I have problems choosing a stable metal for combustor chamber. What alloy do you recommend?

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    It really depends you can use just common steel pipe, I used a steel fire extinguisher in the above burner, until l replaced it with a stainless steel fire extinguisher. Stainless steel will withstand heat better than just plain steel. Also SS looks better if you use it for the Outer lining of the combustor, so using it for the burner inside is a good idea! Happy building :)

    Can I use a pulse turbocharger, like this http://www.safarisnorkel.com/turbo/split_pulse/turbo2.jpg ?

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    I believe you can, my first home-made jet was made out of one. It seemed to work ok but the combustor was under sized, so excess fuel was burning past the turbine and causing damage to it. But that wasn't any fault with the turbo though. Here is a few links of it when it was running: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sOuX7tbtjg

    Just waiting upon my steel to be delivered then I can start building the kart.
    The steel I ordered was going to cost $140 AUD but they were closing down so I got it for $50 AUD, Pretty good deal!!

    These turbos work really well...they'll run about 65k rpms! The thrust really comes on at about 50k. Are you using propane for fuel? Kerosene will give you some extra thrust as well.
    Looks great!

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    I was going to use petrol (gasoline) but I am starting to question it as it is very flammable and I would need to buy a fuel pump I have already spent quite a bit of dough on other stuff. I would use kerosene but that is expensive.
    Thanks man.

    Here is one my Dad made and put on a cart...

    It should do, its going on the back of a go kart that I currently have to build.

    This guy (he is a genius) built a jet powered bike it goes up-to 71mph: http://www.rcdon.com/html/experimental_projects.html

    Does this run on it's own or only with a leafblower?

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    Hi, In video it requires the blower to test how the combustion chamber handles and all, once I have the turbo connected up and finished you just start it with the blower and away she goes no further blower assistance needed.

    Cool, let me know when it's finnished!