DIY LED Projector V 2.0





Introduction: DIY LED Projector V 2.0

Previously I posted instructable on how to make LED HD
projector that you can see here-

This was my first attempt to make projector then I more improve it and add many other features.

So I upgraded my projector. Many new features I added in this version that was needed for professional look.

What’s New –

1. Keystone correction feature added.

2. Now my projector more brighter.

3. New box design looks smaller.

4. Add internal speaker.

5. Add relay module for auto on/off LED light with my LCD remote.

6. Batter box finishing look like company product.

7. Add new menus buttons.

Step 1: How to Add Relay Module?

I bought 5v relay module from @ 190 /- INR. I connect it with my 5v lcd controller pan drive power source and output terminal (COM and NO) connected with LED light driver and 240v power source. Now when I on my LCD controller with my remote the relay get triggered and LED light on automatically.

Step 2: How Setup All Things ?

Step 3: Finshing

I use rexine for finishing touch which is use for making seat covers.

Step 4: Results in Completely Dark Room

Results In Completely Dark Room From 10 Feet Distance and Image Size Approx 100 Inch diagonally.


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    RajeevK27 made it!


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Box ka kya size chahiye ?? Apke lenses ki size kya hain ?

380×180×130 inside measurements outside it depends on plywood thickness

7" vali lcd hai sabhi kit maine ebay se mangvai hai

lekin lcd ka cabal bhi bahut chota hai

7" vali lcd hai sabhi kit maine ebay se hai

7" vali lcd hai sabhi kit maine ebay se hai

can i use simple magnifying glaas instead triplet

Yes but size will be affected and screen corner areas are curved

Yes you can use but projected image will be not good.

does it affect size and where i get it cheap

Great project!

Which LED color is preffered, I can find wae white, white and Cold white. Which one produces the best colors?