Home Made Ice-Cream... Without a Refrigerator!





Introduction: Home Made Ice-Cream... Without a Refrigerator!

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Lower the temperature of ice with salt and use it to freeze your own ice-cream!



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    I've been making this with Middle schoolers this would be a great way to share the recipe. Thanks a lot.

    This idea is just cheesy enough to impress/entertain someone on a date. Seriously. I likes.

    i think this is a cute n fun project for kids...as long as there is no bags busting open! :D

    the game of catch is also a great way to keep the kids occupied while making it


    11 years ago

    I tried this and loved it! I was looking for something fun to make with our boy scout troop and this was perfect because you can take the few supplies needed to the school and do it there, without any expensive equipment. The boys (1st grade) thought the comic and the ice cream were really COOL! Thanks!!!!!

    i wonder if this would be viable as a before your eyes dessert at a gormet restraunt ..