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Introduction: Home Made Icee

This Instructable will show you how to make a home made Icee without an Icee machine or Icee syrup, and for less than a dollar per Icee.

All you need to make this is...

-Freeze Pops (the larger quantity the better, usually costs about $10 US for a box of 250 at your local supermarket)
-A freezer
-A glass
-Scissors (just to make things easier)

Step 1: Step One

Take 5 of the same colored (or different colored ones, it's your call) freeze pops and put them UPRIGHT in the freezer. Make sure that they're upright so that you don't get air bubbles and stuff inside the pop.

Step 2: Step Two

Set your timer for 1 hour, 15 minutes, or until the liquid that makes up the pop feels like slush. To take up the time, go play in traffic or something.

Step 3: Step Three

When the time is up, take the slush-like pops out of the freezer and cut off the tops of the freeze pops and empty all of their contents into a glass. If the mixture is to your liking, eat it!

If there's liquid at the bottom, put it into the freezer, glass and all, and keep it there for another 15-20 minutes. When you take it out, stur it.

There you go! A homemade Icee without a machine or syrup. Sorry about having no pictures, I'll get some up soon.



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    i really think its a gret idea

    Wow, this sounds unspeakably foul! I usually max out after 2-3 freeze pops even in hot weather. That said, I'd recommend pre-chilling your glass in the freezer for best results.

     completely frozen ones make good diving sticks! 

    there is no picture

    lol they had boxes of 500 at wally world for $3.00, unfrozen

    okay okay i got an idea how about we take that box of 250 then wee freeze them all then we put them in the blender with the plastic on! delicious

    its almost a year and still no pics. :( i wanna see the pics.

    i used to go to this place when i was little and they had a "traffic light" its bassically a kiddie cocktail. it was green then yellow then red bottom to top u could freeze 3 of these as described and do the same sorta thing as the drink just for the artistic touch. lol Feel free to have 2 or 3 of each colour though.

    Frozen, colored, sugar water... yum

    Make sure that they're upright so that you don't get air bubbles and stuff inside the pop. BRILLIANT!! "drinking" tons of freeze pops... not so briliant. at least you die happy :D