Hello guys! This is my homemade knife. For an old piece of iron at this moment i have spent UDS 3, so, after 3—4 days i was finished. And now i have very nice knife.

<p>That is totally KOOL!!! Love it!! </p><p>Я надеюсь, что это переводится<br>Это абсолютно KOOL !!!<br>Любить это!!</p>
<p>thank you!</p>
Is the whole knife blade iron? Edge and all?
<p>Yes sir, full of iron.</p>
Does it hold a edge? Iron tends to be tough and flexible, which keeps it from snapping, but the inability to get it hard is a bit of a problem. Is it supposed to be functional? If you want to make cheap, but functional knives, use old lawnmower blades.
<p>I will say this, he is is sharpened, but I is not a test in the campaigns</p>

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