Introduction: Home Made LED Torch in Just 5 Minutes

Ever Thought of making a simple torch light at home..?

If yes, then this instructable is for you. A very simple and easy to make LED torch Light in just 5 minutes.

This Light can be really helpful sometimes and requires only some waste items that can be found easily at home.

Step 1: Materials Required

Tools Required

1. Soldering Iron

2. Hot Glue Gun

3. Nose Pliers

4. Wire Stripper

Components Required

1. General Purpose PCB

2. 9v Battery

3. 9v Battery Terminal

4. 9v Battery Holder or Marker Pen Cap of Appropriate Size

5. 100 ohm Resistor x 2

6. LEDs x 6

Step 2: Making Torch Head

1. Cut the PCB equal to the size of battery holder.

2. Solder on it, the LEDs and resistors as given in the schematic.

3. Refer the image of soldered reverse side of Torch Head and carefully make the same.

Step 3: Making the Base

1. Remove Top Battery Terminal from an old 9v Battery.

2. Apply some solder on the reverse side of terminals both +ve and -ve.

3. Solder the Waste LED legs (obtained while making Torch Head) on the Terminals.

4. Apply Hot glue on the inner side of Battery Holder and stick the Terminals inside.

5. Ensure that the soldered LED legs on the terminals come out from the hole in the Battery Holder.

6. Bend the Legs and apply some solder to make the contact pads for Torch head.

7. Carefully apply the Hot glue on top of battery holder and paste the torch head on it.

8. Ensure that both Battery contacts and the Torch head contacts align with each other and all the LEDs glow.

Step 4: We Are Done

You Have your 5 minute LED Torch Light ready and Fully Functional.

Just attach a 9v Battery whenever you want to use the Torch and disconnect it when not in use.

You can also make few modifications like:

1. Attach a small switch on on of the sides so that you do not need to remove battery in order to switch OFF the Torch.

2. You can use Super Bright SMD LEDs to increase the luminosity of Torch light, but do make adequate arrangement for Heat dissipation from SMD LEDs for Longer Life of your Torch Device.

3. You can design your own array of LEDs for Torch Head using 'n' number of LEDs, but do ensure to make the power arrangements for increased LED count.

Thanks For Watching..!


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