Picture of Home Made Mosquito Repelant
Mosquitos are annoying little bugs that in numbers can drive a man mad. Not to mention they spread disease. The typical bug spray, as effective as it is smells bad and has a harmful chemical in it called deet that will strip paint and dyes of some materials. Imagine what that does to your skin! Heres how to make an all natural bug spray out of common household fruits.
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Step 1: Gather Citrus Fruit

Picture of Gather Citrus Fruit
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Lemons, limes, oranges, clemontomes, tangerines, and grapefruits will all work.

Step 2: Peel It

Picture of Peel It
Now that you have your fruits, remove the peels from all of them. You will need the rinds so you may eat the fruit if you please.

Step 3: Blend It With Water

Picture of Blend It With Water
Just blend the rinds with water. I dont have a good ratio, but you should have enough water so it will come through a spray bottle, but remember the more water, the more dilluted and less potent the spray.

Step 4: Use

Picture of Use
I bought a spray bottle for a dollar at the dollar store. Just empty your repellant in to it and spay it on you to use it. Use a strainer and funnel to prevent messes and clogging of your spray bottle. This should be less harmful to your skin than other bug sprays but obviously dont get it in your eyes.
lucaskelso (author) 1 year ago
I will add a warning for those that are allergic to citrus
fparra lucaskelso3 months ago
If you guys are really worried about lawyers, lawsuits and such, then let us make some considerations: first, people who are allergic to citrus, know that from early age and are probably very careful not to use or eat these fruits. Second, they probably know all these fruits by name. Third, if they still use or consume those fruits, then they are either suicidal types or they really need the money from the lawsuit. Finally, if you make it, use it on you, don't offer it to anybody else unless you have had a lemonade or two with him or her...
Bowen20021 year ago
Ths is awesome man.
lucaskelso (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment. I never knew people were allergic to citrus. And the oils are some what harmful to clothing, but it cant be worse than deet which is in commercial bug spray.
jmwells1 year ago
Two minor comments:
One: this maybe deadly to people who are allergic to citrus.
Two: citrus oils also will dissolve some clothing dyes. It's used as a grease and oil solvent. Environmentally friendly tho.