Picture of Home-Made PVC Pipe Bow and Arrow

This is my home-made bow and arrow! It shoots very far and is accurate. Well enjoy the video and pictures! Don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.
What video?
Nice! Today I got a recurve!
KnexFreak360 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Cool I have a compound!
KnexFreak360 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
KnexFreak360 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Thanks for the patch!
No problem!
my brother also did this and it was very fun to shoot.
but my brother built it differently, he took 2 of those pipes and wrapped them around in tape and then painted them.
chopstx4 years ago
Why did you remove the video?
He deleted his youtube account.
ohhh ok thanks
Anytime man=D
james44 years ago
im the first to rate :D i rated it 3.0
KnexFreak360 (author)  james44 years ago
Why only 3?
idk but its a pretty good rating i mean i didnt know what to rate it but 3 of 5 is pretty good so idk
KnexFreak360 (author)  james44 years ago
Ok thanks, but i was just joking with you, you can rat e it whatever you want.
its ok
ryry20114 years ago
did you hit the car after you ended the vidio??
KnexFreak360 (author)  ryry20114 years ago
No the trash can
An Villain4 years ago
"STUPID CAR!" Actually I was surprised at how well this worked, I will most likely make one out of a shaved down leaf spring if I get time.
That looks cool, but simple. Looks fairly powerful, but it would be pretty noticable in anywhere. Ah well, I think it gets 4.5* because it shot pretty far.