This is my home-made bow and arrow! It shoots very far and is accurate. Well enjoy the video and pictures! Don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.
What video?
Nice! Today I got a recurve!
Cool I have a compound!
Thanks for the patch!
No problem!
my brother also did this and it was very fun to shoot.<br>but my brother built it differently, he took 2 of those pipes and wrapped them around in tape and then painted them.
Why did you remove the video?
He deleted his youtube account.
ohhh ok thanks <br>
Anytime man=D
im the first to rate :D i rated it 3.0
Why only 3?
idk but its a pretty good rating i mean i didnt know what to rate it but 3 of 5 is pretty good so idk
Ok thanks, but i was just joking with you, you can rat e it whatever you want.
its ok
did you hit the car after you ended the vidio??
No the trash can
&quot;STUPID CAR!&quot; Actually I was surprised at how well this worked, I will most likely make one out of a shaved down leaf spring if I get time.
That looks cool, but simple. Looks fairly powerful, but it would be pretty noticable in anywhere. Ah well, I think it gets 4.5* because it shot pretty far.

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