This is how to make pizza the easy way! It's actually really good and it only takes roughly 10 minutes!

Tortilla bread
Tomato-based sauce
Cheese of your choice
Toppings e.g. pineapple, Canadian bacon, pepperoni (optional)
Cookie sheet

I can smell it already!

Step 1: Sauce It Up!

First you have to put the sauce on the tortilla. Then spread it around with a spoon. You can use a variety of sauces including tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, even tomato paste. The only thing is it needs to be tomato-based. Put the tortilla in a pan and slowly pour sauce on it. You can vary the amounts, the more you put the more tomato-y it will taste. Remember, it's your pizza, make it the way you want it.

Step 2: Mmmm... Cheese...

Now sprinkle some cheese over the sauce. Be generous, you want your pizza to be completely covered in cheese. But, as I said earlier, it's your pizza, adjust as necessary to your taste.

Step 3: Bake Me a Pizza As Fast As You Can!

Preheat your oven to 400oF. Then cook the pizza for approximately 8 minutes, or until the tortilla becomes crispy. The cheese should be completely melted.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Put your favorite toppings on (I couldn't find pineapple) then eat your delicious pizza! It may not be the best ever, but experiment! You might end up with a better pizza next time!
Don't listen to the haters. Tortilla pizza is a lovely cracker-crust pizza. Great for when you're in a hurry. Our homemade dough takes 7-8 hours to be prime and ready - planning ahead required! That said, most of the dough recipes can be made and shoved in a plastic bag in the fridge the night before. Planning, but easier for people who live alone. <br><br>Everyone has their own tastes in pizza. I love most of the styles, but our family favorite is done on an 18&quot; pizza screen in a 500F convection oven. Yummy!<br><br>Mom was quite the accomplished cook, but she never really pursued pizza dough. Lots of other breads, but she knew we were suckers for the tortilla pizzas.<br><br>For better tortilla pizzas, use an all-metal splash guard (as a screen) and lightly toast the tortillas before you put the stuff on. I'd sandwich them between two screen to keep the bubbles under control. I also would pre-microwave the pepperoni: one plate fully evenly spaced on paper towels for roughly a minute. Reduces the greasy factor. <br>English muffins work well too and you can do them in toaster oven. <br><br>Nice instructable.
According to my sources, normal pizza isn't made on a tortilla. While I celebrate your creativity, and support your pizza enjoyment, Burning Question answers have unfortunately got to be somewhat "normal" due to their official nature. Know anything about making a tossing pizza dough? Care to learn? The photo below is the kind of thing I'm after. A real live Italian, making homemade pizza from scratch.
noahw, I can't tell if you're asking for this info or if you're just pontificating, but here's an answer to those questions:<br /> <br /> If you're looking for a great pizza dough recipe, I found one here that really works well for me:&nbsp;http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pizza-Dough-III/Detail.aspx<br /> <br /> If you're looking to learn to toss a pizza, I know Alton Brown discusses pizza (and how to toss it) at length in his episode &quot;Flat is Beautiful&quot; here: http://www.goodeatsfanpage.com/Season3/Pizza/PizzaTranscript.htm<br /> <br /> Hope that helps!<br />
When you find him, send him to my house!&nbsp; He can make dinner for me and the hubby!
okie dokie! good point
I have to say, this is pretty much just an open faced quesadilla with tomato sauce. &nbsp;
I will do this with a rolled out canned biscuit (unbaked, of course)&nbsp; Lots of fun when everyone can top their own.&nbsp; Just make sure to roll it thin thin thin or you get a topped biscuit.
I make these a lot the only real difference is I put olive oil on the tortilla first. For an interesting change of pace I use salsa or a salsa/sauce combo
I would think you could use Pita instead of a tortilla. It would be thicker and not so crispy, more like a "real" pizza. Not that I'm knocking your recipe, it looks tasty! Nothing wrong with a crispy thin crust, purest be darned.
well all i have is tortillas so...
This isn't really a pizza this is a quesadilla (cheese crisp for those in mexicanless zones) with tomato sauce.
A pretty basic pizza But good!
I like to make traditional homemade pizza from scratch, but there are times when I have leftover tortillias and make this very same thing. Been doing it for years. It's a cheap and tasty snack. Not too filling either. Sometimes I fold the tortillia in half so it's like a quesadilla pizza.
mmm.... pizza quesadilla.... the best of both worlds!
i make tortilla pizzas all the time - yum!

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