Picture of Home Made Security Alarm
This a simple but affective burglar alarm... It's messy right now but full proof! I will be coming out with a second and more cleaned up version of this alarm soon that will require only one or two more parts and be just as simple.

Step 1: Supplies (Not all supplies are pictured)

Picture of Supplies (Not all supplies are pictured)
Electrical and or duct tape An alarm or buzzer(found at a local RadioShack) Two paper clips A chip clip or clothes pin Connecting wire with various lengths A 9 volt batter Something to hold the wire to your battery And a card board square
OgorrTECH2 years ago
When u goin to make the next one
ethanbigmac (author) 2 years ago
ethanbigmac (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for the great idea. Any other ideas for triggering the alarm
perhaps develop a security system to accompany it, some extra door alarms, a method to wire them together to a central hub and maybe some detterents/defences to be triggered by the alarms.