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Introduction: Home Made Slipring for Wind Turbine

This is my first instructable so please be kind :)

Easy to make slipring for wind turbine

Items Used

2 small bearings (obtained from a kids scooter wheels)
2 lengths of wire (red and black(but is optional))
Electrical tape
Some kind of non conductive spacer( i used a rubber ring from a pack i got for £1)
a plastic bottle
Soldering iron (optional) was difficult to solder to the bearings

Step 1: Layout of Bearings and Ring

Here you will need the 2 bearings and the non conductive ring.

The centre hole in the ring needs to be bigger than the inner bearing so it doesn't rub when turned.

Place the ring in the middle of the two bearings and hold together with something ie a clamp.

Cut your red and black wires in half and solder 1 red wire to 1 bearing and 1 black wire to the other

Tightly wrap with electrical tape

Step 2: Finishing Off

This bits a bit tricky

Cut some strips from the bottle the same width as the bearings and ring, doesn't matter about length

Solder the other red and black wires to the inside of the bearings corresponding to the 2 that you just soldered.

wind up some of the plastic strip and insert it into the middle, this should then unwind to hold the wires in tightly. Insert more if needed.

At this point its done, but I would suggest checking the connections between all points before wiring it up.



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    hi not been on here for a while think it was just tape. it didnt bolt anything together it went inside the tubing for the wire as it happend it fit snub in the ali pipe i used at the time

    What holds the two bearings together? Is it just the tape? I'm curious as I'm looking to build this but don't want the two bearings coming apart when up the tower

    How did the slip ring bolt to the upright and then to the turbine head? Was it by clamping to the bearing shell?

    congratulations on writing your first instructable! you did a great job :)

    2 replies

    Thank you, i have now put this to use in my wind turbine and works great, think I may dismantle my wind turbine and do an instructable on that

    please do!! Look forward to it! Also im trying to make a slipring myself thank you

    nice one thanks will steal the principle