Picture of Home Made TRX: bodyweight suspended training system
I recently happened to hear about the TRX Training system by Fitness Anywhere (http://www.trxtraining.com/)and got curious about it.
It took about 20 minutes to go crazy about it and wanting one, but the idea of spending between 200 and 250 U$D was not so appealing.

But TRX, like all great ideas (like Chess rules or Unix design...) has the special feature of being an extremely simple concept with a simple design that give a lot of freedom an different possibilities of use.
Being simple makes it easy to replicate.

This is how I made my "almost professional looking" TRX system with 20 euros during three episodes of "the walking dead" ;-)

TRX is a commercial product so all credits for the concept are due to Fitness Anywhere. This is a just replica, or knockoff if you prefer, of their product but cannot stand the comparison to the original one.

Using your homemade TRX might result in damaging the equipment, you or your house, specially if you make it out of poor materials or don't do it properly. Don't blame me if you break something.

As for every fitness equipment consult your physical first and see if it fits for your general body conditions.

With all that said... let's dive in.
What about faulty technique when using suspension trainer? An article in New York Times really made me scared. I’m thinking of buying Smart Link Tracker. Has anyone some experience using this device? I don’t want to buy a crappy thing for such money.
EmcySquare (author)  sporticus_4042 years ago
ANY type of workout can hurt you somehow if you do it wrong. ANY. The best way to train and to avoid injurues is not to rely on some external hit (wheter it is a tool or a personal trainer) but to be the one in charge during the workout.
1) Know what the exercise you are doing is for
2) Know what you have to do to do it right
3) Know what you MUST NOT do or you'll get hurt or stressed or...
4) Do it step by step: take A LOT of time (1 month or more) before going 100% and train constantly every other day or every day, so to make your body strong gradually and get used to the exercise. Focus 200% during the ecercise to learn to do it right and STOP right away if you sense you can't keep good form.
Gradually and with the right progression your body can take you EVERYWHERE. But if you dont' know what (not) to do and to do it right there is NO training or sport that will prevent injurues or bad things.
Keep it up.
vucatsengr2 years ago
I don't think your first language is english, but the correct word that you're looking for is sewing. Sawing means to cut something.
EmcySquare (author)  vucatsengr2 years ago
You are 100% right ;-)