Picture of Home Made Telemade!
Hi guys!

This Instructable should teach you how to make your very own half-lemonade half-tea beverage. It's very refreshing and should only take around 10, 15 minutes tops.

This is my first Instructable, so please grade harshly (mention any needed improvements, for reference towards future Instructables).


(I know some people call it an "arnold palmer", but telemade just seemes more fun...)

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Step 1: Get the stuffs!

Picture of Get the stuffs!
To make your very own Telemade, you will need...

1. Generic flavored tea bags

2. A coffee maker OR a pan AND a stove

3. A glass

4. Water

5. A lemon

6. Sugar OR artificial sweetener

7. Ice

8. A refrigerator

9. Cuttingboard

10. Teaspoon

11. Knife

Step 2: Coffee pot setup

Picture of Coffee pot setup
Get as many cups of water as you want into the coffee maker, but keep in mind for later that you need to mix equal parts tea and lemonade. Put the tea bags in the caraff (with the strings hanging out) and begin the cycle. Hopefully, the tea bags will steep as the hot water is being poured out.

Alternitively, boil water in a pan and steep the tea in that.

Step 3: Freeze it.

Picture of Freeze it.
When the tea is done, put it in your refrigerator.

Step 4: Lemon Setup

Picture of Lemon Setup
To start the lemonade, you need a nice, juicy lemon, right? Yeah! But to get your lemon to that nice, juicy, desiered state, I'll teach you a little trick. After setting it on a clean surface, put pressure on it with your palm and start rolling it around. When you hear lots of sloshing and/or the scent of lemon, you're done.

Step 5: The actual lemonade

Picture of The actual lemonade
Put 1/2 cup of ice in the glass. Now cut the ends off of the lemon. Next cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into the glass. You can take the rest of the lemon and put it in the glass at the end. Then add 1 tablespoon of sugar, and put HALF of the water you would use to make a full glass of lemonade, the other half will be tea.

Step 6: Making the telemade.

Picture of Making the telemade.
Take the tea out of the 'fridge, and pour in the same amount as there is lemonade.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Reward your hard work by drinking your telemade.
tandrews4 years ago
Try making this with yerba mate tea it is realy good. i make it all the time.
thebeef25 years ago
 It's called "Arnold Palmer",  not "Telemade".
All4Shrimp (author) 7 years ago
Yay the pics are finally here! Feel free to comment.
Not knocking you, but this is usually called an 'Arnold Palmer', after the golfer.
All4Shrimp (author)  StarChaser Tyger6 years ago
Oh, yeah... I forgot about that...
So how did the name "telemade" come about? I like it, as people laugh when I try to pronounce "Arnold Palmer" - good drink!
cafriend6 years ago
Seems very inefficient.
could i use an orange instead of a lemon? i need to know NOW