Step 4: Build awing

Finally I built a collapsible awing out of square tubing and corrugated metal roofing. I next installed thermometers 
I built the horizontal racks from expanded metal and angle iron. For the vertical tank I purchased 4 22.5" round grates similar to the ones you can find for a weber grill. To mount those I simple welded pegs inside the tank and the racks just rest on them.
<p>Just awesome, was the boiler cast-iron? wondering how it was welded and what welding techniques/materials was needed because cast-iron can be very tricky!</p>
Fantastic work! I especially like the riveted boiler tank. Would you please add pictures of the insides of both tanks and the firebox?
What a fantastic job. I start my construction in a few weeks, it differs in design from yours, just hope my first instructable is as good. Again well done
oh and thanks for the comments...
I haven't heard that before, however the metal was steel and not galv. steel. As far as the nasty stuff from the fire goes yeah the inside of the boiler was pretty nasty... I had to clean it a lot more then I did for the propane tank. What I did was wire wheeled it to break off the residue, then sprayed the inside with a soapy water (degreaser of sorts) and scrubbed it, then I let it dry. Then followed up with sand blasting, the inside and It came out pretty darn clean. I have seen other BBQ smokers made from the same style of tank..
I've read some boilers are not safe to use for food prep due to metal composition and nasty stuff coming out when fire burns inside.<br><br>Not sure if this is the case with your smoker.<br><br>Very cool implementation though!

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