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This is my tripod stand with the help of which I am able to record my project with low angle shots. There are bunch of tripod stand you can find online but rather than buying that I prefer to make my own. I am new to software so there might be some problem but rest drawing will be fine. After completing my build, I change little bit of my design so the final design has improvement than that which I made. If you face any problem than feel free to ask. The 3d design is just for illustration to you. You need to follow the cad file.

The maximum height up-to which it safely raised with smaller camera like go pro and small cameras is 350 mm.with DSLR the maximum height goes to 300mm.

The additional holes in the legs can be used for providing additional support to the structure when it raised.You can insert spacer in the empty space between legs and then tighten it with the knobs.It better to keep l key along with the stand because if you need to mount heavy equipment than you can keep the knobs tight and prevent legs from turning

Step 1: Tools and Material Needed

Tools needed

The major thing you need to build this is a cnc router.

Drill machine

Drill Bits

Small vise for holding purpose

Philip head screw driver

Clip clamp

6mm tap



For the construction of whole build, I choose ply. If you have thickness planer I suggest you to go for wood.

6 mm ply for legs and spacers between legs

12mm ply for knobs and middle camera base

M5 35mm alen cap screw 9 pieces(if you wanted to make more knobs you can increase these numbers)

M6 40mm alen cap screw 2 pieces

Wood screw


Paint brush

I choose alen cap because if sometime I need to mount too much heavy camera I can tight it with alen key and it works very well indeed.

<p>That's a really nice tripod! If you would have waited a few more days, you could've entered this into the photogrifty contest.</p>
thank fellow for the kind words.......
<p>That's one beautiful tripod!</p>
<p>thanks mate.</p>

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