Home Made Tumble Polisher




Introduction: Home Made Tumble Polisher

This is one of my earliest creations. Starting out as a jewellery manufacturer and working with stainless steel over 100 bangles a day to polish by hand was enough to drive me insane. Investigation lead to me finding polish machines that were $5000+ dollars and something that was way out of my budget.

I already had a welder, and apart from the steel to make the barrel and the belt everything else I already had in my garage. A bit of welding, an old motor, a laundy sink and a push bike wheel later and I made my own tumblr.

Another expense was the ceramic media, even when that started to wear out we resorted to smashing up old dinner plates and cups. 20 years later, a couple of replacement belts and 1 motor replacement "Frankie" still runs like a dream!



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