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Introduction: Homemade Vibratory Tumbler

Hello everyone this my first video and instructable
(i dont have time yet but when i spare some i will make a step by step instructable!)

You Will Need :
1 AC universal motor of about 1500-2000 Watts from a electric vacuum cleaner 
1 speed controler for AC electric motors
1 piece of cylindrical aluminum 100mm wide 40mm high lathed as seen in the video 
2 buckets  (1 to mount to the tumbler )
2 pieces of plywood 30X30 cm
1 piece of plywood 30X40 cm
2 pieces of wood 30X7X3
4 springs ( personaly i used springs for the motor clutch of scooters) 
8 pieces of steel sheet 2-3mm wid cut into 40X90 mm
4 nuts, bolts and washers  to mount the motor tou the plywood
8 nuts, bolts and washers  for the springs 
screws  for the woodw

Tools You May Need :
drill with cobalt end for the steel plate
metal grinder/cutter also for the steel plate parts
saw for cutting wood
spanners for the bolts
screw driver
a compass ( to draw a circle where the motor will sit)

Now About The Construction :
I personaly made it for cleaning and semi-polishing pebbles or cleaning metal parts
This type of motor will be found in vacuum cleaners only ! i specificly use them because usually they have a wider top witch you can drill and attach to the plywood !
The aluminum part was lathed so it sits on to the motor axis with a bolt ,i had 2 internal threads done on either side so you can ajust the amount of vibration caused ! (different media need different speeds and vibration frequency i assume !!! )

Here is a batch of stones before and after :
Feel free to ask questions or what ever is needed.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE : I dont  have any responsibility for your actions ,the information i provide you with is for educational
purposes and only !!!  



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    Μπράβο ρε πατρίδα.

    Ωραίο projectaki.

    2 replies

    what language is that? not to be rude, just curious...

    I love the design. Nice and simple. How come you don't add any polishing media?

    Why the springs? Was it too powerful without them? I would think the springs would just reduce the vibration.

    I really want to make one of these. Does the motor have to be a vacuum motor?

    Thank you, I'm planning to make one of these and this is a nice starting point.

    brilliant thankyou this is for sure my next project

    I too was concerned about tha bolt flying off but the tumbler is in a seperate room only i work in ther (like a little workshop) also i've passed some teflon on to it to make a tighter connection and finaly it's the second tumbler i've made i've been using the first one for quite some time now without any accident ..
    That doesn't mean i watch out for it flying off !! better safe than sorry !!1

    Please put some sides on it. If that bolt in the aluminum hub works loose it will throw it and hurt somebody.

    Other than that, great work!

    Paint mixing springs to mind...

    Neat. and I bet most people have everthing they need to complete it. I like how you can change the speed.

    sure when i've got some spare time i'll give o more detailed explanation with photos or even make a diy for it !

    Nice one! I'll keep it in mind for one of my future projects.

    Thanks for the great idea. Can you add more pictures of the project.

    Great job and thanks for sharing. Nothing wrong with your English either. Perfectly understandable and creative.