Home Made Longboard Finally Finished





Introduction: Home Made Longboard Finally Finished

These are some pictures of my longboard complete with its new trucks and wheels.
i posted before with the started longboard but since then it has been sanded, varnished and polished off.
i have now bought the longboard trucks and wheels instead of the standard skateboard ones i had on before.
it rides really smooth, and the width of the board hasnt proved a problem, the steering is fine as the trucks are slightly looser and obviously wider. the turning is smooth and the board feels really nice to ride.
the deck is slightly arched which helps with the steering and i think it looks really nice.
all commenst are welcome
thanks for looking.



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isn't that way to skinny

nope i have one just like this and i ride it perfectly, my board is really old now so im tryna make it last the most i can with duct tape and stuff XD


i made a longboard out of a piece of deck wood, i think its a 1X5... it looks very similar in structure and seems to provide a fair bit of flex, but thats probably because its 5 feet long XD very nicely done though!

thanks :) ive seen on ebay you can buy blanks for making longboards, they make up the ply layers and give it the concave profile, then you get it in a standard size and then you just cut it to your design, quite a good idea really!

This is really cool! I like the driftwood look. It would look nice with trucks/wheels that match the theme too.

Thank you!
I like that idea too, to give the thing a whole theme. I could spray the trucks I've got now to a wood effect, but at the moment ive got the trucks and the wheels on another longboard that I made that I'm using more, so I would have to buy some more to complete this deck, and even the cheapest ones are pretty pricey so I may leave it for now haha,
But thanks for the ideas!

This actually looks really nice. I am still a bit dubious about the width, but if it works for you, then who cares? :)

Thank you! :)
Yeah the width is fine with the setup I have on the trucks it is actually carving really nicely :)

So, it's a slice of a tree?