Picture of Home Remedy For Poison Ivy/ Poison oak
This is my 1st instructable. It is a home remedy for a way to rid yourself of poison ivy/ poison oak.
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Step 1: "ingredients"

Picture of
I know these are not ingredents, but I could think of no word to replace ingredents.

1. Source of water (sink or bottle if outside)
2. Soap (any kind I suggest liquid)
3. Rag or Sponge
4. Clear nail polish

Step 2: Washing

Picture of Washing
Using the rag soap and water wash the area that is infected. wash thoroughly with out applying too much pressure, you don't need to scrub like you're washing dishes.

Step 3: Drying

Picture of Drying
Either wait or use a towle or cloth and dry the now washed area.

Step 4: Applying polish

Picture of applying polish
Now using the clear nail polish apply a coat to the infeccted area and allow to dry. Remove and repeat till the infection is gone this shouldn't take more than a couple of days and sometimes works after the first day. This works by the nail polish not allowing air to that portion of the skin there by suffocating the rash.
paleogirl11 months ago

As an emergency nurse, I can tell you that nail polish doesn't actually do anything. You can skip that part ... but the Dawn dish soap and washing as quickly as you can after exposure is a very good place to start.

alexdrew5858 (author)  paleogirl10 months ago
I've no wish to challege you, but if I've done this myself and I've found it speeds up the healing process. I might be wrong it could be a placebo effect.

You know, if it helps you, even if it's the placebo effect, then go for it. Sometimes that's the best you can hope for. The Dawn suggestion is spot on though and my husband used it this year with great results. I'm not allergic (thank goodness), but he is. We have a yard full of it.

Poison Ivy sap is an oil. This oil reacts with your skin causing an irritation. If you use Dawn soap and rinse, it breaks down the oil and will minimize the rash. Good home remedy instructible except that I have not needed the other ingredient.
alexdrew5858 (author)  palombo50501 year ago
thanks, the only reason everything else is there is because this was something I learned in high school from the schools nurse and it's what I use now. As for the soap I never took the time to figure out what soap is the best the picture was just a random soap.
CaseyCase1 year ago
I have found that after contracting poison ivy, there is not much you can do except wait out the heeling process. If you are having issues dealing with the itching, hot water applied to the site absolutely kills the itching. Just thought that I'd pass this along.