Picture of Home Remedy to Get Rid of Lice
This is a simple recipe you can make at home to get rid of lice. All you need are camphor and coconut oil.
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Step 2: Method

Picture of Method
  • Take the camphor tablets in a small bowl
  • Add three tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Lightly heat the coconut oil over medium heat
  • Remove from stove and stir well till camphor dissolves in oil
The mixture is ready

Step 3: Application

Picture of Application
  • Before going to bed, apply this mixture on your head covering the scalp and hair thoroughly and leave it overnight
  • Comb your hair in the morning over a towel and you can find lice falling on towel.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo

Your lice problem is solved. Hope you will find this useful