Introduction: Home Security System Using RFID and Reed Switch Controlled Using Arduino Microcontroller

This project has implemented two layered security architecture using micro-controller. Primary/first layer of security will implement user authentication system using smart RFID card. The list of authorized RFID’s will be kept as a database in a micro-controller memory. After user is successfully authenticated, the magnetic door will automatically open and close. Magnetic door is equipped with the magnetic switch to provide alarm in case of RFID security is breached. Project will implement alarm notification using the combination of both buzzer/sound and lightening/blinking the LED’s.

Step 1: Project Components

Arduino Micrcontroller (Qty-1)

RFID Reader (Qty-1)

RFID Tags (Qty-1)

DC Motors (Qty-2)

L293D Chip (Qty-1)

Arduino Power Cable (Qty-1)

Motor Power Cable (Qty-1)

5 Volt Motor Supply (Qty-1)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram includes various components i.e. RFID tag, RFID reader, Door Open/Close, Magnetic Reed Switch, LED’s (Error, Success) and Buzzer Alarm.

Step 3: Project Breadboard Design With RFID

Step 4: Project Power Supply

Step 5: RFID Tags Configuration

Step 6: Motor Configuration for Door

Step 7: Gate Successful Response

Step 8: Gate Unsuccessful Response

Step 9: Arduino Source Code


JetMechanic made it! (author)2016-04-24

Please explain again, the purpose of the reed switch?

DIY-Guy made it! (author)2015-07-20

Thank you for this instructable!

DIY Hacks and How Tos made it! (author)2015-07-19

Nice security system build