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Introduction: Home Theater to Be.

Right now this room is mainly used for storage, but I'd love to turn it into a home theater/ bedroom. First thing I would like to change is the flooring, covering the cement with Tundra laminate flooring. For the furniture, I would use a slightly modified Bestå Burs unit for my tv stand and media storage. For seating/sleeping I would buy The Beddinge Lövas sofa bed, and for side tables I would use Two Lack side tables.



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    You should pretty much be able to do whatever you want with those "Deep Pockets". ;-)

    Honestly though, it looks like you've got a good thing going there, and the Ikea stuff should keep the cost down. For flooring, if you are looking at laminate, I would suggest Armstrong vinyl plank flooring. It is SUPER easy to put down, floating vinyl planks that look and are textured like wood. I did a room in my house with it and the only tools needed were a broom, tape measure, and sharp knife. It is also quite inexpensive.