Picture of Home built bar with mini fridge
So I have an extra room in my house, and i've always wanted my own bar. So I finally got around to start working on it and this is the final result. 

I apologize that I have not had time to add much detail to the steps but there are some rough designs that I worked off of that are on linked on the next step. If you have questions please post them and I'll try to respond or add the the instructable.

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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
The design that I worked off of is from this site, There are some definite flaws in the design but overall it works out nicely.

1. The bar top is too close to the bottom "work area" and 2. The work area does not extend back very far leaving little work space.  So I shifted the top forward leaving some of the 2x4's exposed.  This was not to be desired but still works well.

Step 2: Construction 1

Pictures do well, no time for words yet.

The frame. Before cut out for fridge.

Step 3: Construction 2

Sanding the tops, staining, polyurethane, attached, fridge in place.  

Crown molding used for bar top glued and nailed. 

Step 4: Construction 3

Add exterior paneling, I used cheap interior walling stuff.  Then add molding to the bottom, stain as required.  Add bar top last. 

Mounted plasma makes for a nice touch.

Link to wall mount I used

Step 5: Final Result

Picture of Final Result
Add a few touches to your taste and have fun.

Hard work pays off, enjoy a beer at your new bar.
icebilly4 years ago
I looked for a long time for someone to show me how to build in my room an inexpensive and beautiful bar! thank you for the idea.
this is great. been looking for bar plans for my own bar. looks classy and it is a great starting point for mine. i will add some personal touches of my own but this is beautiful for a DIY project and best of all, it doesn't look cheap.