Step 5: Final Result

Add a few touches to your taste and have fun.

Hard work pays off, enjoy a beer at your new bar.
looks fantastic, i'm starting on my own variation this weekend. did you use 2x4s or 1x4s?
Great tutorial man would it be possible to get the dimensions of the top and bottom shelfs and the width of the frame thanks man looks great
I looked for a long time for someone to show me how to build in my room an inexpensive and beautiful bar! thank you for the idea.
I just build my own version of this, changed the plans a bit but still from this basic design, so thanks for putting it up. i wouldnt of made mine if i hadn't of seen yours.
How big is the fridge?
Is there a change to get a good shot of the back of it,?
Back is still un-finished, I need to take some time to put shelves in or something and make it look nice.
this is great. been looking for bar plans for my own bar. looks classy and it is a great starting point for mine. i will add some personal touches of my own but this is beautiful for a DIY project and best of all, it doesn't look cheap.
By far the most impressive home bar I've seen that didn't cost hundreds of dollars. Really top notch work.

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