Home Built Low Rider Bike




Introduction: Home Built Low Rider Bike

About: If I'm not in the house you can find me in my 25x15 "shop". We have four motorized vehicles and only one gets to live in the garage; right beside the home-built "John Deere" lowrider pedal bike, the home-ma...

We got bored and built a bike.  Then got bored and painted it.  Then got bored and turned it into the John Deere chopper.

It involved scrap bikes from the junkyard, tubing benders, welders, finding bits and parts in my project pile.  My friend did the bending and welding (I didn't have the equipment then).  If I said it was all done now... I'd be telling a lie.

Sorry I didn't take pictures of the build - I didn't know about this site when it was built.



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