custom maple deck with mahogany inlays
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elitehaxor7 years ago
there is a diffret way to make these that im gonna try i might poste an instructablle on it, anyway what it is is you make a cross chaped hole where the trucks go so some of ther truck is on the top of the board so you have a lower center of gravity
pyro137 years ago
Awsome idea! please put up instructions and pictures of the steps please? I was looking at buying one, but if i can make one, it is all the better =D<br/>
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just mike (author) 7 years ago
check out Toothless Longboard Construction. I used a process kind of like that guy's simple press
You mean the screws? I saw that along time ago but I would rather use clamps.
just mike (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
no, i didn't use screws. i made a press out of wood and clamped the board between. just remember to rub wax all over both sides of the press so when extra glue comes out of the layers, you don't glue the board to the press.
Runeshai7 years ago
What about the wheels? How were you planning to do those?
just mike (author)  Runeshai7 years ago
Randal R-II trucks 70mm wheels and risers.
Oh ok cool. I just wondered if that was going to be part of the "Home built" project or not (like you were going to full-on build the trucks and mount wheels your own way). But cool, the woodwork looks very nice. Nice job.
I would really like to build one, but could you maybe take pictures of the process and provide more detailed information on how to build it. Maybe make it into an instructable.
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