I don't know how many of you fish but if you do you know the frustration of losing a valuable fishing lure to weeds or sticks. Store bought fishing lures can add up to a lot of money. So why not make your own? Most of the best lures aren't very hard to make. All you will need is:

1: A nice sharp pocket knife
2: Oil based paint
3: Wood carving tools ( optional)
4: Clear wood varnish
5: Eye hole screws
6: Treble hooks
7: Dremel tool ( optional )

Step 1: Getting Started

To start on your lure you will need to choose a type of wood. Soft wood is recommended for beginners, although I did it with an old piece of ash. Soft woods are easier to carve, the ups of using soft wood is that it moves erratically in water, giving you a flailing lure which usually pulls out bass, the downs of using soft wood is that it is a lot more buoyant than hard wood, so you don't have a lot of time to wait while fishing, they work much better as top water shallow lures. pine and bass wood are light woods.

Hard woods are harder to carve, and they don't move as well as softwoods. The upside is that they are much less buoyant then soft woods, and are much easer to find. Hard woods are oak and ash.

Just made an 'ible by making a Black Walnut Fishing Lure Keyfob. I could use it if I put real hooks on it. It might catch something! <br>
Nice instruction - have been experimenting with this too.<br>Gave up on screw eyes though - have found that a 'through-wire' design is much sturdier. Plus the wood filler used to fill in the slit I cut helps add ballast. I have also used a Dremel with a burr bit to hollow out part of the lure and added a worm rattle - lot's of extra work, but the effect has been great on the 'wobblers' and the lures that I took the pain to carve a diving lip on.
Also, I ended up nabbing the eye hole screws out of a picture hanging kit, I got the trebel hooks and rings of of an old lure, but you can buy them.
Well thanks. I just dabble, but from what your comment says, you actually know what your doing! On my crawdad lure, I had a lip made out of a dvd case that I just cut to size and hot glued on. <br>

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