Sharing an easy method of starting both these plants in water, something I experimented with last year and am continuing with this. A technique, which allowed us to get a longer growing season and actually taste our first home-grown organic ginger! Turmeric and Ginger are wonderful plants both for use in cookery and medicine. Even in a Northern climate we can grow them in containers and keep the plants from year to year.

Je partage une méthode de démarrage de ces deux plantes dans l'eau.  Une technique, qui nous a permis d'obtenir une saison de croissance plus longue et de déguster notre première gingembre bio maison!
Comparto un método para iniciar la cúrcuma y el jengibre orgánico en el agua. Una técnica que nos permitió obtener una temporada de crecimiento más larga, y disfrutar de nuestra primera jengibre orgánico de nuestro jardín!
<p>Excelente...yo he sembrado Jenjibre, tiene un mes de haber germinado, se encuentra muy bien. Estoy en busquda de cuercuma para cultivar..Saludos.</p>
<p>I will try this next year! Hopefully we will be in our new place by then. Thanks for sharing and do have a nice day.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
Thank you for the gook idea! <br>Could you write down your instructions please, since I am not an English speaking person and it is a bit difficult to undersand part of your instructions.?Again thank you!
I will add some more notes to the description. Is there anything in particular you want to know? I do put intertitles in my films for just that reason so that non English speakers can translate them. All the best, Pavlovafowl aka Sue

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