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While renovating my laundry room, I wanted to keep the character and charm of the old taps and shut-offs, without using old (poorly functioning) plumbing.  I ended up re-purposing them to serve as coat hooks and door pulls (and wound up saving some money in the process).
iectyx3c3 years ago
Good i'ble. And the best part is that the old stuff does not confuse the user--because it is incongruously repurposed,
yaspeling4 years ago
Great ideas - love it
pashanoid4 years ago
I so much appreciate your ideas on giving various not used anymore obects a second life! Great instructable, inspiring! Thank you!
two-eight4 years ago
Faucet/tap hangers, great!
foobear4 years ago
so cool! great idea!
ChrysN4 years ago
thenurse4 years ago
Love them all. Nice job!
davemmanc4 years ago
Pretty nifty. I applaud your creativity.